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ANDA – Associação Nacional para Difusão de Adubos

    • Founded on April 13th, 1967
    • Affiliates: 122 companies
    • Scope: From large raw materials producers to small regional bulk blending companies.
    • To implement strategies and actions aimed at promoting and disseminating fertilizers at all stages of the production process.
    • To continually enhance perception of the products and services provided by the fertilizer sector.
    • To support actions to increase sector’s presence and importance in the agribusiness.
      To run ANDA as an impartial, free and proactive body, responsible for the diffusion of the image of fertilizers and their correct use.
    • To seek to value professionals working in the fertilizer sector and the agents with whom they interact in agribusiness.
    • To ensure ethical conduct in the work done by the association in terms of food safety, the environment, citizenship and the quality of life of the Brazilian people.